Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Don't just read... Apply!

I'm so thankful to Holy Spirit for His insight and wisdom throughout the day at work... funny thing was I was sitting on the toilet when it happened. (I guess 'cause that's pretty much the only time there's peace and quiet for more than a minute.) LOL!

He was telling me about 'applying the Word'...

The Word is like Sunscreen or Sunblock... I could have a bottle of sunscreen (which I have tons, as I still have the stash that we won with our 'Ultimate Summer Package' in the summer of '08 from GRACE FM {now INSPIRE FM :(} - hence the picture above of me and Mark.) and if I just pull it out every now and then and read the directions, but never apply it to myself, then I'm gonna get burnt. If we just leave the Bible on the shelf (or in the drawer of our hotel room) and maybe read it on Sundays with Pastor, or not at all... then we can never apply it to our lives, and we are gonna get 'burnt' in the eternal flames of hell's fire.

Pretty cool eh?

So, go read a Scripture today and APPLY it to your life! (Start today with Proverbs 24:10 found in the MESSAGE translation --- WOW!! It cuts right in deep, especially if you are 'doing nothing' or falter in times of trouble. "If you fall to pieces in a crisis, there wasn't much to you in the first place.")


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