Saturday, January 22, 2011

Holy Spirit Inspired...

So rhyming has always been fun for me, but even more so with the inspiration of Holy Spirit...

Here are a few lil' poems that were God-breathed. Enjoy!


Finding the faith to believe
A mountain can be moved
Is easier than we think
Trust God & it will be proved
Hope is more than wishing,
   ... for things you want & more
   Have FAITH in God & trust in Him
   He has great things in store!


Trust in the Lord with all your heart
Respect Him and His ways
Understand we can't do it alone
So as the Bible says
Then He will make straight our paths,
    ...when we acknowledge Him
    He promises to light our way
    His light will never dim.

Give Him the Time
God has not given a spirit of fear
He has promised us His Spirit is near
We call on God, in Jesus' name
Father, Son & Spirit the same.

God the Father in Heav'n resides
Jesus the Son is at His side
God the Spirit was sent to earth
To empower us in our second birth.

The Spirit is our comfort & guide
He helps us become God's precious bride
He speaks the Truth, that's what He knows
When we seek His help, God's love we show.

God can speak to one and all
Yet we need to heed His call
Just like Samuel in days of old
We need to obey what we are told.

Listen for that still, small voice
He will help you make the right choice
God can even make it rhyme
Just listen and give Him the time.

~Mitzi Hall, November 1, 2010

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